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Turnkey charging solutions since 2012

Plugit Finland is the leading supplier of charging solutions in its home country of Finland. We deliver long-lasting total charging solutions to companies that have either real estate or large amounts of rolling stock.

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Charging as a Service

Traffic and logistics are becoming electrified at an accelerating pace. We know how your company can get the most out of the transition – even without investing in equipment. You just keep on doing it where you are at your best. Your Business. We take care of charging.

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We come from Finland. We are developing solutions for cold winters. We started 10 years ago to build the charging infrastructure for automotive industries in Lappland.  For us there is no other option than take the best care of our forests.

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Heavy-Duty traffic and logistics are becoming electrified at an accelerating pace. We see it coming as it happened 10 years ago. It will be faster than many of us realizes. Simply because it is beneficial. The smartest companies are on the move now. No need to invest in equipment, just pay as you go. Ask for more info!

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Plugit PRO public Stations

Future is here! We are building our own high power charging (HPC) DC charger network in Finland. Our HUBE is built to last, it is more than 720 kW Heavy-Duty charger that can load an electrick truck in minutes. First stations are already in business at Sweden too.

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Plugit PRO solutions
for fleet OWNERS

From taxi fleets to heavy-duty equipment, a charging solution designed and supported as needed guarantees success of your business.  Ask our experts how Finnish pioneer companies have set out to build their own electronic solutions starting from routes with the goal of becoming a zero-emissions company.

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Plugit PRO solutions for commercial estate owners

If you own real estates at important near traffic junctions, we have good news for you. With Plugit Caas solution for Real estate owners (CSREO) you will gain profit while our partners use your field for charging their fleets.

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Our operations are growing in the Nordic countries and Europe. We are looking for experienced electrical project engineers for both sales and project communication. As an employee or a customer, you are very welcome to join our rapidly developing industry. A fun ride is guaranteed!

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