The electrification of logistics is moving at pace and the range of applications continues to grow. This development sets a whole new set of challenges for the charging equipment, as trucks, snowmobiles, and various types of machinery are becoming electric.

The solution is Plugit PRO MOBILE, a portable, battery-equipped fast-charging station designed and built in Finland.

Extraordinary PRO MOBILE

PRO MOBILE is an exceptional fast-charging solution for two reasons. The first of these is its portability. PRO MOBILE is delivered ready for use, which means that you only have to connect it to the power grid before you can start charging. The charging station connects to Plugit’s backend system, and all of its features can be controlled remotely.

PRO MOBILE does not require a concrete foundation, and the approximately 8.5-ton system can be moved from one place to another on the bed of a truck. The system is lifted in place with a hoist. The roof structure of PRO MOBILE is equipped with attachment points for lifting purposes. This means that it can be easily transferred to a new location as part of a worksite, for example.

Seasonal traffic during winter holidays comprises a potential application for the charging station, as it can be used to relieve congestion at existing charging stations caused by electric vehicles heading up north. PRO MOBILE is also perfect for seasonal charging needs at ski resorts and for offering fast-charging capabilities in locations where fixed charging infrastructure cannot be implemented.

PRO MOBILE also offers an excellent temporary option for the site of a future high-power charging station where a charging facility is required before the work is completed or a large enough supply point becomes available.

Battery Bank Solves Various Issues

The second unparalleled advantage offered by PRO MOBILE is the battery with which the charging station is equipped. The Swedish-built battery solutions of Northvolt are compact and designed to be extremely durable to facilitate movement. The battery banks are protected against fire and they can withstand vibration, shocks, and even falls. Northvolt’s battery banks offer the highest charge and discharge performance in the sector, which means that the power output of the charging station is better than would be possible with just a main grid connection.

In Sweden, for example, grid limitations have already created a situation where some form of a battery bank solution connected to a charging system is necessary to ensure sufficient power output. The situation in Finland is better, but you might have to wait for up to a year to have a more powerful main grid connection installed. Thus, battery banks make it possible to produce charging systems that offer sufficient charging output while waiting for a new connection. A fast-charging station equipped with a battery bank can also be placed more freely on the site, as you can run the power supply cable overground where necessary.

Shared Values for Strong Cooperation

Plugit and Northvolt work together to develop new charging solutions for electrical vehicles that utilize energy storage. A public charging station for commercial transport in the Viinikka district of Tampere was our first joint project.

Plugit and Northvolt are also connected by a set of shared values. Responsibility and environmental matters in particular have a large role in each part of our business activities. Northvolt’s battery production runs on renewable energy and all electricity purchased and sold by Plugit is likewise 100% renewable.