As an infra developer, Plugit will build “green corridors and zones” for moving goods and people. Our commitment is to decarbonize the commercial transportation via these specific trade routes in and between major cities and ports. Here and now, we’re creating cross-industry partnerships to accelerate the shift for reducing CO2.

Our success is built on principle of integrity and ethical practises, as outlined in Code of Conduct for Partners (PDF). It describes the ethical values and transparent standards guiding our employees as well as our partners and customers on our overall mission.

The Code of Conduct for Plugit Finland Oy’s partners (the Code) sets rules for our partners on the standards of responsible business practices which Plugit requires all its partners to comply with, regardless of the value and form of cooperation. We require that all partners who cooperate with Plugit act responsibly and comply with the Code when cooperating with Plugit. Suspected breaches of the Code shall be reported immediately to the contact person or a representative of the management of Plugit.

In case unlawful or unethical conduct or conduct against internal guidelines is recognized, Plugit will take all necessary actions to react to such conduct in an appropriate way, and to ensure that similar kind of conduct can be prevented in the future. Breaches of the Code or other violations of responsible business practices may lead to the termination of the contractual or cooperation relationship.

By committing to business or cooperation with Plugit, the partner confirms that it and its affiliates and their representatives comply with this Code. In this Code, affiliates refer to all entities which Plugit’s partner controls, which control Plugit’s partner, or who are under common control with Plugit’s partner.

Plugit commits to net zero goal and has adopted science based carbon reduction targets

“We encourage all Plugit employees, partners and customers to join us on our journey towards zero emissions – everyone’s input and active participation is needed to systematically make better greener choices to avoid global warming and its catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet. We are excited and enthusiastic to speed-up the journey towards zero-emissions.”
Tommi Saarela, CEO

Plugit is committed to science-based Net Zero emissions by 2050 or sooner and to limiting global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

This shared global goal can only be achieved if all companies, cities, countries and people on the planet reduce their carbon emissions.

As a valued Plugit customer you will have access to all the data and the team of engineers you need on your journey.

Time left



On green mission since 2012

When we started the markets were very immature, only few hundred EV’s and practically no charging infrastructure in Finland. Still we were able to impact customer emissions even before the Paris Agreement.
  • 2013 | Health check service for safe charging

  • 2014 | Smart Traffic, EV info campaign and website

  • 2015 | Start collecting CO2 emission savings data

  • 2016 | Nationwide charging network installation

  • 2017 | 5MW single site installation with renewable energy

  • 2018 -> Leading the electrification by helping customers to create sustainability strategies



Science based targets

We started our ESG pathway by calculating our CO2 emission data (scope 1, 2 and estimating scope 3 emissions). This year was set up as a baseline for target setting on our roadmap to Net Zero.
Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 1
& 2 baseline
Scope 3
2021 38,4 tCO2e 16,3 tCO2e 54,72 tCO2e tbd 13,23 M€


Systematic work

Time to impact

We committed on more systematic ESG work and carried out the most recent GHG Inventory for the year as follows.
Year Scope 1 Scope 2
(Market based)
Scope 2
(Location based)
2022  38,3 tCO2e  6,1 tCO2e  20 tCO2e 27,66 M€


Scope 1 & 2 first

The Decarbonization Plan

Plugit developed a decarbonization plan for our journey to net zero and implementation roadmap to reduce our Scope 1 & 2 emissions in short-term (see timeline further on).

Our environmental work this year:

  • Use of 100% renewable electricity (hydropower) in all our offices and warehouses
  • Charging with 100% renewables at our PRO DC charging points and largest customers’ sites operated by Plugit
  • 100% renewable powered Cloud data centre
  • Fleet: 67% electric, 33% hybrids
  • 100% electric forklifts
  • 100% LED coverage in offices and warehouses
  • 100% motion sensors coverage for all offices
  • Encourage subcontractors to gradually switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles
  • Helping our customers to reduce their emissions


Annual carbon footprint -4,2 %

Onwards 2024, Plugit will decrease its carbon footprint -4,2 % annually and offset any carbon generated due to own operations (scope 1 & 2) to zero.
Design and construction of new energy efficient production facility (A-level property) to be completed: geothermal heating, maximized use of solar panels on the roof and energy storage facilities.
Actions to influence Scope 3: Increase collaboration with customers and partners to gradually switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles
04/2024. We transferred to Suomen Posti’s fossil-free Green Cargo service. Posti transports the vast majority of Plugit’s charging stations, equipment and maintenance parts, as well as customers’ charging tags as letter shipments.


Encourage subcontractors to gradually switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles


Official sustainability reporting starts

CSRD and EU Taxonomy reporting for year 2025 (will be published 2026)
100% electric fleet


Publication of 1st Plugit EU Taxonomy report
26% absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 by 2027 (against 2021 baseline)
Understanding of scope 3 materiality


38% absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 (against 2021 baseline).
Plugit sets Scope 3 targets.


60% absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 (against 2021 baseline)
Plugit’s carbon dioxide emissions from district heating reduced to zero
Carbon Neutral Finland in 2035


80% absolute reduction of Scope 1 and 2 (against 2021 baseline)

2050 or sooner

Plugit is Net Zero / Net Positive